LSU Visits LES's 6th Graders
LSU VIsits LES's 6th Graders
Posted on 10/04/2013
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On September 30th, LSU chemistry major Paige Bourgeois, a graduate of LHS, performed several chemistry experiments with Mrs. Boucvalt’s 6th grade science class. Students observed how different metal salts react with heat energy to emit different and distinct colors of light. Students then connected their observations to a real-life example that they were quite familiar with: fireworks. After that, students also made predictions about how cold and hot water would affect the duration and intensity of the glow in glow sticks. Finally, the students, sporting their safety goggles, went outside to observe the chemical reaction that occurs when magnesium, dry ice, and a heat source come into contact with one another. This reaction produced a very bright glow that lit up the early morning and the students’ faces.