Mrs. Agnes Arbuthnot


Mrs. Agnes Arbuthnot 
Lutcher Elementary
Instructor:  Mrs. Agnes Arbuthnot

School Phone:  225-258-5400
Conference Availability: My planning period is 10:30–11:30. Please email or call for appointment.
School Fax:  225.869.9404

Course Titles: 3rd Grade Science
4th Grade Science 
                        5th Grade Science 

Dear Parents,
Welcome to a fun and exciting year. My name is Mrs. Agnes Arbuthnot and I’m excited about this school year. This is going to be a year full of amazing opportunities. I will be teaching Science for grades 3rd, 4th and 5th. 

An active Parent/guardian is one of the best tools to have when it comes to an academically successful child. Therefore, we look forward to working with parents to help students have a successful year.

Below are a few things to note for your child 2016-17 school year. 

Class Schedule

Time                            Subject

  7:45 - 7:50      Assembly & Character Education
  7:50 - 8:00     Homeroom/Bell work
  8:00 - 9:15     Science 4th
Switch Classes
  9:15 - 10:30     5th Grade Science
Switch Classes
  10:30 - 11:30 Planning  
11:30 - 12:00   3rd Handwriting/Keyboarding
12:00 - 12:30 Lunch   
12:30- 12:45   Brain Break
12:45-1:30 3rd Grade Science
Switch Classes
 1:30 - 2:30     Science 5th
 2:30 - 2:55   DEAR/Science Task
Switch back to Homeroom
 3:05   Dismissal 

Homework Policy: The purpose of homework is to reinforce learning. Students will be expected to complete homework weekly. Homework is given on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and some Friday’s.  Assessment are given after the completion of taught skill. 

A school supply list was given at the end of last year but if you need another one the school will provide you with one. All supplies aren’t expected all at once, but please make sure student’s have supplies.

Grading Scale

93 - 100 = A
  85 - 92 = B
  75 - 84 = C
  67 - 74 = D
  0 - 66 = F

Grading Percentages for each subject are:

Social Studies Assessments: 100% (5 grades per nine weeks)

Science Assessments: 100% (5 grade per nine weeks)